A message from the office of development and alumni affairs

A giving challenge issued by retired faculty members Claudette Finley and Martha Wroe raised just over $17,000 during the month of April to support clinical research in the department of physical therapy.

In their collective 60 years at UF, Finley and Wroe trained hundreds of students and had an enormous impact on the development of the physical therapy profession in Florida.

Thank you so much to everyone who gave to the Finley-Wroe Giving Challenge. Claudette and Martha could not be more honored and excited to see what this money will do for the department. I am always amazed, but never shocked, when our alumni and friends are asked to support something here at the college, and they always exceed my expectations.

“The future of this PT program is the thing that excites me about this challenge,” Claudette said.

The future is indeed very bright. Thank you for honoring these trailblazers and making a gift to help support research at UF that will advance PT clinical practice!

Lindsey Stevens
Director, PHHP development and alumni affairs
lmstevens@phhp.ufl.edu; 352-273-6540

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